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Why does the perfect trip start with well selected suitcase?

More travellers do not know that according to the different airlines the hand luggage (check-in) has specific requirements when it comes to sizes.

Do not let similar mashup ruin your roadtrip. There is an easy way to make sure that your suitcasae will not cause problems when going through security check. Here's how...

Scenario: Last year you planned a weekend to Riga with EasyJet. You found the city to be a real keeper: rich museums, remarcable architecture - great atmosphere. That is why you immediately booked flight tickets, hotels and you chose the restaurant at which you dined the first night after your arrival. This time your other half bought the tickets from Ryanair and suddenly you are being asked by the airline to check-in the same bag/suitcase that you have used the last time... but you do not own the same one this.

You can think: How is this possible? Many airlines have different requirements when it comes to check-in luggage sizes. In the UK there are 5 big companies and each one applys different rules. Vueling, for example, allows up to 10 kg check-in luggage, while BMI Regional will allow up to 12 kilos. At the same time, Ryanair does not allow hand luggage over 55 cm., while EasyJet allows luggage up to 56 cm. This means, that you might get away with a centimetere, which can be the essential difference between the pleasant and unproblematic travel... and the more expensive vacation.

​If your mind is riding around different thoughts and conclusions, relax! Choosing a suitable bag or model, which meets the airline restrictions, shouldn't necessarily be a hard and long process. There is an easy way to scip the scenarios, in which minutes before your flight you are measuring the size of your suitcase. You can save yourself this headacke, when visiting a Samsonite's website and only with some clicks you can choose your airline, according to which you can look and choose from different and attractive models and travel accessories. So, next time, you can fly by the check-in cue.

Samsonite ... Always by your side!