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"Workshop for news reporters 2017 - tell us about your Bulgaria"

Samsonite will support the 2017 initiatives and will present the awards at the end of April during the forum "The good eastern of Sofia example".

„Workshop for news reporters 2017”  organised by Espresso Media is happening for the second time!
​This year the competition started on the 27th of February with the slogan "Tell Us about your Bulgaria!".
​The topics include culture and tourism. The styles of news reports can be - reports, chronicles, travel notes, essays and other. The participants should be children from 9th to 12th grade coming from the Bozhurishte, Slivnitsa, Kostinbrod, Dragoman, Godech and Svoge county councils.

​The event is being led by motivational and educational purposes. In the last edition 60 children took part and 22 were competing actively at the cultural rivalry. Again, 60 children will participate during this 2017 year. This year's event gives the opportunity to practically succeed in touching upon the essence of the actual work in the areas of journalism and public relations.

„The kids are raw maerial and they need the right guidances for taking the lead in the right direction." 

Said Boyan Dimitrov - children's mentor during the initiative „Workshop for news reporters 2017” ​and investigative journalist at "Monitor" journal. He checks the texts written by the children and helps with advices and guidances. The kids receive different tasks every week. You can read some of the texts available on the Espresso News's website. Inspiration comes from everywhere and the initiative is extremely successful again!.

The project will end during the official ceremony, where one winner will be chosen amongst the young journalists. A travel to Brussels and a visit to the European Parliament will be one of the big prizes.There are also two internships offered by Espresso Media and BULGARIA ON AIR. The winner be granted a Wavebreaker by Samsonite! And for the investors for good and successful businesses from "The good eastern of Sofia example" initiative will be given prizes as well.

Judges this year are: Marieta Fidosieva, Evelina Pavlova, Donika Rizova and Michael Diuzev.

The project "„Workshop for news reporters 2017 - tell us about your Bulgaria" ​is happening under the patronage of the bulgarian MEP Eva Maydel and with the courtesy of driving schools Vasilevi, 360 Creative Bulgaria, PG "Velizar Peev" - Svoge town, TBI Info, Integral, OSCAR - EL, Samsonite. 

Exclusive media partner is: Bulgarian National Televizion

​Media partners: BULGARIA ON AIR, b2b Media, Manager journal,,, IA Cross.