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Wizz Air is the biggest winner of the night in Avio Oscars.

Award for professionalism has been a worthy example of the Second edition SKY STARS 2016 received by the bulgarian pilot Mario Bakalov, who manages the biggest traveler's airplane in the world.

​The most successful comapnies in the sector of avioindustires received their honors in over 10 catergories of exquisite ceremony in the presence of the official guests, medias, representatives of the bulgarian and international business. The annual awards SKY STARS are being conducted for second time this year and with the initiative b2b Media.
​With his active actions - finding new destination, new investments and work places and popularized in our country as a world tourist destination of the low cost company Wizz Air won the Big prize: "The best airline carrier for 2016"!
​For the first time it will be awarded special prize for contribution in the popularisation of the avio profession in Bulgaria.
​The special honors hasa been given to the senior first officer Mario Backalov, who is the only bulgarian pilot in the biggerst travel airplanes in the world Airbus A380. Except pilot, he has had and many years of experience as an instructor in the sphere of the human factor in the academy of Lufthansa, as part of the detachments for fast reaction after the airline incidents.

​The official ceremony with special award have been awarded the Sandrine de Sant Sojour - president and executive director in APG Inc (which is among the founders of the prizes SKY STARS from the year 2015) and the minister of tourism Nikolina Angelova, who also has received an award for contribution to Bulgaria as a tourist destination. During the last two years Bulgaria has represented herself on 100 international tourist expositions, increased the number of foreign tourists visited our country.
At the ceremony of awards the minister Angelova said: "Without communication the last two years we would not have succeeded to achieve all that and to write the future of our steps, because infront of us there are huge challenges. This year is very strong, but it is important all that follow to be like this one. It is imporant that the results we achieve to be resistant and to always achieve our tourist products. On the threshold of the winter season I need to point out that we are awaiting raise of number of important markets, but the most important information we receive exactly for the airline branch".

​With most awards from SKY STARS 2016 left Wizz Air - including the most dynamic company and for preffered low cost carrier.
​Strongly debated this year were the categories in technology solutions in the aviation sector. The Bulgarian and international companies contrasted powers in the competition.
The deputy minister of economics Daniela Vezieva handed the prestige awards in some categories and commented: "For me it is a big pleasure to award the winners and to be part of this celebration. Not only because the innovations are something really important, with a high added value. B2b Meda is media which makes maybe the strongest innovation. The media which gives an example of positivity and shows that Bulgaria is worthy and a good place to live and it is country that we deserve and she deserves us."

​Official guests on the ceremony were:
  • Nikolina Angelova, minister of tourism
  • Daniela Vezieva, deputy minister of economics
  • Maxim Behar, general and honorable consul of Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria
  • Victor Melamed, honorable consul of Kingdom Thailand
  • Stamen Qnev, CEO of the Bulgarian agency of investments (part of the jury in Sky Stars 2016)
  • Vladimir Danailov, CEO of Metropolitan Municipal Agency for privatisations and invenstment
​Ranking by categories - SKY STARS 2016
Sky Green Star –  Airline with highest value to protection of the environment.
Air France-KLM
Sky Innovation – Innovation in the airline business
Sky Budget Star - Предпочитана нискотарифна авиокомпания     
Wizz Air         
Sky Leader -  Preffered leadership position in the airline industry
Turkish airlines          
Sky Investor – For investor in the sphere of the airline and aviation business.
Woodward Bulgaria
Sky BG Innovation - For the bulgarian innovation with  contribution in the world aviation. 
Sky Tradition – For many years the presence and contribution of the airline market.
Sky Shark - For us the business development and for open new destination  
Wizz Air         
Sky Marketing and PR Leader – For marketing or PR idea
Turkish airlines
Ace Star – For mastering in the profesion and  worthy personal example     
Senior first officer Mario Bakalov –  Lufthansa
Ace Star –  For mastery in the profession
Polish Airlines - LOT
Sky Debut – Business debut
Sky Premier – Preffered logistic company
Cargo partner 
Sky Startup Innovation – For new innovative idea
Speedy fly
Sky Startup Innovation – For new innovative idea
Sky Soft – Software devision in the sphere of travel and aviation.
Sky Soft – For software decision in the sphere of travel and aviation
Frankfurt Aerospace Systems – ACSIS          
Agent Leader – Prederred travel agent
Drone Innovation – Innovation with the unmanned flying systems
​Sky Favoritе – Special prize of b2b Media  
Frankfurt Aerospace Systems – ACSIS          
Sky Favoritе – Special prize for b2b Media
Sky Herald -  For contribution and popularization of Bulgaria as a tourist destination.
Sandrine de Sant Sojour – president and CEO of APG Inc  and Nikolina Angelkova, minister of tourim
The big prize “Sky Star – The best ariline carrier of the year"
Wizz Air
More about the event on the official page:
Organizers of the event are b2b Media
​At the first edition during the year of 2015 the organisers and initiators b2b Media have developed an ambitious mission to turn the annual initiative, which gathered the state institutions, avio and tourist businesses.
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