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Terms and Conditions of the game

Period of conduction:
​The hereby game has been conducted between the period of 03.05 - 31.05.2016, and at 23:00 on the 31.05.2016 all registrations for the game will be declined.
​On 01.06.2016 we will contact by the phone or e-mail the 10 winners of the game. Test - drive weekends will be held during the month of June 2016.

​On the 01.06.2016 all 10 prizes will be downloaded -and the test - drive weekends with the Jaguar model will include provided fuel. The 10 winners will be chosen on a lottary principle where every person holding a driver's license and is over the age of 18 can participate. A valid registration will be considered when you send: Name, phone, e-mail address. Have in mind that the winners will be asked for personal details when given the Jaguar. This is a request by MOTO PFOE Bulgaria. This can include a copy of documents for personal identity.

Place of conducting the event:
The test-drive weekends will be held on the territory of Bulgaria. The automobiles cannot leave the territory of Bulgaria. The cars cannot leave the country and will be given only when the requested documents are filled in by the representative of MOTO PFOE Bulgaria in the cities of Sofia and Varna.

Genreal conditions:
​In the current game you can participate with no more than one registration for the whole period.

​Every participant accepts to indicate their names, phone number and e-mail. Registrations that do to include these specific criteria will be accepted as a non-realistic and will not participate in the distribution of the prizes.

In every game the participation of only one phone number is allowed, who serves as an identification for the participant. The second name, registered with the same number will be disqualified from the game and will not have the right to receive a prize even if it has been drawn upon the lot.

​In games concerning age law restrictions are not allowed to participate people that have not turned specific age. Participants who have not indicated the needed data will not participate in the distribution of the prizes. The prizes are valid in a 30 day period from the date of their draw. After this period the winners loose their rigth to receive their prizes.

​In every one of the games "A.T.G. Lifestyle" OOD one of the particiant has the right to receive one prize. If the participant gets drawn a second time as a winner in one game he loses the right to receive the second prize. In one game the participant can receive two prizes only if the game has two prizes and one of them is "the big prize".

​It is not allowed trading the prize for it's money value. Receiving the prize can happen only when documents for identification have been presented. 

​"A.T.G. Lifestyle" ODD keeps it's right to add and/or change the official rules and/or additionals to the changes are consideren valid when published on the website:

​The team of "A.T.G Lifestyle" OOD does not hold responsibility when there is a print mistake or any other infringement and does not take responsibility for wrongly claimed information of the participants with promotions and games.

​The organisers of the promotion and games take on obligations according to the rules of the Law of protection concerning personal data as they gather and process the personal data, given them by the participants only and in connection to the promotions and/or the game. When registered for participation in the promotion it is believed that the winner agrees explicitly allowing his personal data and him to be used within the promotion. Up to 90 calendar days after the promotion has ended the database concerning the promotion and all the participants will be deleted.

​"A.T.G Lifestyle" OOD has irrevocable right to end the promotion and/or the game any time announcing it on the website: in case of material abusement and violations of the rules and/or force majeure conditions.

​Every potential dispute between the organiser of the promotion and it's participants during the same promotion is decided by thier mutual agreement; in case of not being possible to reach aggreemnt the dispute will be taken on  the authorised law courts in the Republic of Bulgaria.

​Organizers keep the right to publish pictures and materials, given them by the winners entirely or by manners considered suitable without the additional agreement by the winners. Also when keeping the Law of protection ​of personal data there are no additional remunitions given.

​The participants agree to communicate with the Organisors or an authorised personna via phone calls, SMS during the promotion in a period of 90 calendar days after the end. The participants in thier Pomotion do not have the right to participate in events and to give interviews concerning questions for the promotion without the formal, written agreement by the Organisers.