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US 3 Combi Strap + Scale

US 3 Combi Strap + Scale
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US 3 Combi Strap + Scale
94.00 лв.

Color Black
Material Nylon
Size 5 см (width) x 185 см (height) х 0.2 см (depth)
Volume (l) 0
  • The security tape for luggage you need to travel to the US
  • Locking buckle under pressure. Innovative locking mechanism to the tape. Once the buckle is locked you can not remove the tape and the head is locked in the buckle.
  • Strap that fits up to 182 cm luggage.
  • Each security tape has a special identification mark alerting TSA can open your luggage (without breaking) if necessary to make an inspection of his baggage.