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The Wi-Fi passwrods of the airports around the World

Are you travelling around the World? Are chaning airplane from airplane and from airport to airport? Do you need a regular connection to the Internet and regular communication? When living in the digital world, it would be a real nightmare, if you miss a flight or there has been a delay of one and you do not have an Internet connection. How to write an e-mail, to send a request, to connect with colleagues or relatives? To check the next flight? The Internet is a convenience, wich saves time, but sometimes finding an available one at the airports is a difficult task.

​We put an end to these "aches" as soons as today! Now there is map which exists, which includes all available Wi-Fi passwords of the airports around the World. And it is easy to use. You can see a version of the map below:

​Anil Polat, an engineer of cyber security and travel blogger, is the creator of this interactive map. What is interesting and typical for this map is that it is available when being on offline mode or simply - you do not need an Internet connection in order to open and use the map. The map updates itself when you connect to the Internet. An advantage of this map is that around the World the passwords are always updating ​by the users. They can also add Wi-Fi connections and passwords which they find when at the airport. Then this information is sent to foXnoMad ​for verification and update. That makes this map usable in real time and by everyone around the World.

Last month Anil Polat releases an app WiFox for the map, which is available on the Google Play ​ store. The app is available for iOS as well as for devices using the Android system. The app includes the names and passwords of the Internet networks, as well as other details with the help of which you will succeed to connect to the Wi-Fi faster. 

Below you can find the key icons, which indicate the type of Wi-Fi connection:

 - new, verified, high-quality connection;

 - the connection would request some updates;

​ - the conncetion needs some updates from travellers like you!

The application has now more than 650 accessible connections. You can send feedback and vote fot the quality of the Internet (Wi-Fi connection). This is highly valued and useful for all travellers.