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On 2 wheels /Upright/

Collection: Fold@way SKU: 87U.00.001
Your home is limited as regards to space? ?The team of SAMSONITE thought about this too! The line Fold@way offers the ideal decision for the boundless world and their narrow home. Only with some easy steps, the models of this gorgeous collection diminish to 1/4 of their maximum size, that way yo..
315.00 лв.
Collection: Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL SKU: KG4.09.001
Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL Upright 55 Exp. Black
Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL Upright 55 Exp. Deep Blue
Offering the highest level of organisation and security, Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL is the perfect choice for business travellers. This collection brings you smart features, durability and thoughtfully designed interiors to ensure optimal packing comfort. Its tech-inspired design is in perfect match with ..
467.00 лв.
Collection: Spark Sng SKU: 65N.09.019
Ready to meet Spark, the latest exciting edition of Samsonite’s best-selling range? Loyal to its original DNA, Spark offers all you need for travelling and more: huge volumes, smooth rolling double wheels, tough fabrics in intense colour hues, light weight, great looks, a complete travel assortment ..
350.00 лв.
Collection: Duosphere SKU: CC6.00.001
Fresh&functional, meet our Duosphere collection! Its double frame layout allows first class packing comfort, while the hidden expandability adds extra volume, double zipper protection and compression in one elegant solution. Furthermore, Duosphere offers distinctive details such as a metal finished ..
293.00 лв.
Collection: Base Boost SKU: 38N.09.001
Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 Length 40 cm
Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 Length 40 cm
Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 Length 40 cm
Discover our brand new Base Boost collection, a range that carries the budget conscious traveler close to heart. The collection is characterized by core values such as quality, protection and lightness. Available in four colours, Base Boost shows a playful new take on the Dip-Dye trend, creating a t..
311.00 лв.
Collection: Popsoda SKU: CT4.09.001
Popsoda Upright (2 wheels) 55cm Black
Popsoda Upright (2 wheels) 55cm Dark Blue
Popsoda Upright (2 wheels) 55cm Teal
Young, fresh and vibrant are the key elements that shape our new PopSoda collection. Popsoda for sure brings excitement to the table with its energetic, contemporary design and striking colour detail usage. Displaying practicality, quality and style, PopSoda’s colour palette comes in 4 standard colo..
331.00 лв.
Collection: Lite-Cube SKU: 33V.05.003
Lite-Cube is an ode to a Samsonite classic. Cubelite’s highly commercial classic design-shape is in this version further emphasised by a completely new Curv look. This new look brings a more fine, structured weaving pattern and is completed by a very fine surface texture – creating an astonishing ma..
839.00 лв.
Collection: Bleisure SKU: CS5.08.005
An invaluable advantage for both business and business travelers, Bleisure is a special collection of backpacks and submarines designed around the need to properly organize your business tools and personal belongings while keeping them divided and stacked. Since this is an office day with the need f..
371.00 лв.
Collection: B-Lite Icon SKU: CH5.31.001
The return of an icon: B-Lite Icon raises the bar for softside luggage once more in terms of design, comfort and weight. While keeping its strong DNA with its renowned bridge handle, B-Lite Icon surpasses the known and ordinary with its new ultra-lightweight construction and revolutionary, stageless..
448.00 лв.
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