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Garment Sleeves

Collection: Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL SKU: KG4.11.009
Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL Garment Bag Deep Blue
Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL Garment Bag Black
Offering the highest level of organisation and security, Spectrolite 3.0 TRVL is the perfect choice for business travellers. This collection brings you smart features, durability and thoughtfully designed interiors to ensure optimal packing comfort. Its tech-inspired design is in perfect match with ..
272.00 лв.
Collection: RESPARK SKU: KJ3.09.009
Ready to meet Spark, the latest exciting edition of Samsonite’s best-selling range? Loyal to its original DNA, Spark offers all you need for travelling and more: huge volumes, smooth rolling double wheels, tough fabrics in intense colour hues, light weight, great looks, a complete travel assortment ..
274.00 лв.
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