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Samsonite took part in the award ceremony of the competition "Ne suppoerted and took part in the award ceremony of the competition "News Reporter's workshop - tell us about your Bulgaria 2017", organised by EspressoNews and under the patronage of Eva Maydell (Paunova). The ceremony was led in the Professional Highschool "Velizar Peev", Svoge town. The lead of the event was Vasilena Staycheva. ​last year's winner at the pilot edition of the competition and also a student of the high school itself.
​This year's edition shines with a lot of talents. Every one of them got awarded for the effort with different awards.

Because of the good initiative to stimulate and develop young talents of Bulgaria, Samsonite supported this year's initiative. The aim was to present the nature's landmarks, culture and history of the West of Bulgaria. At the ceremony Svetlomir Pandazhiev, commercial director of Samsonite, awarded the 9th grader from Svoge - Hristina Manolova. She filmed a commentary on the topic: "The traditions during Easter in West Bulgaria with Hristina Manlova" (Традициите по Великден в Западна България с Христина Манолова“ ). Mr. Pandazhiev handed her an American Tourister suitcase Wavebreaker for future adventures, inspirations and success. Extremely excited, Hristina accepted her award with a smile on her face.

​The young and talanted participant had written 2more texts, which were part of the different stages of the journalistic competition, which you can read on the website of EspressoNews. Her texts are positive and well written. For sure, there is a bright future ahead of her and her talent.

Simeon Simeonov is the big winner in the competition for journalists and creative literature. He got the most points from the audience with his commentary "Easter in Godetch with Simeon Simeonov" (Великден в Годеч със Симеон Симеонов“ and won the first place in the competition. The award "A journalist of EspressoNews media" has been given to him as well as he receives an internship from Espresso News and FM+. He also receives the big award of the competition - a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. He, himslef, told at the interview: 

„Unprecedented feeling! Surprising. Shocking.“

As a first runner has been announced Ivajlo Ivajlov (Ивайло Ивайлов), ​who also cleverly has dealth with his tasks and captured an amazing journalistic commentary (видеорепортаж). Impressed by his talent were Eva Maydell and Marieta Fidosova, jury and main director and producer of the BNT 2 (Bulgarian National Television). The organisers of the "News Reporter's workshop - tell us about your Bulgaria 2017" EspressoMedia and Eva Maydell decided and they invited him to Brussels, where he will meet with Simeon Simeonov. Marieta Fidosieva mentions that the sincerity of Ivaylo's journalistic video commentary has been amazing and inspiring to her, and she offers an opportunity for an internship to the young talent of BNT 2.

​The creator of EspressoMedia, Desislava Vasileva, mentioned in an interview with Maneger's magazine (списание Мениджър) that she is inspired from all the kids and gladly helps them in their career pathway and guidance, which includes training and creation of a portfolio for them. And the initiative is a good way to be reflected all that is happening West from Sofia. That way they stimulate the development of the businesses and help the creation of the "The good example on the West" („Добрият пример на Запад“. )

​"A.T.G. Lifestyle OOD" with great pleasure participated and was a partner in similar occasions concerning the developement of the young in Bulgaria. The company has been establilshed during the year of 1991 and is an authorised representative of SAMSONITE on the territory of Bulgaria. SAMSONITE also represents the brand American Tourister. Today, more than 24 years later, "A.T.G. Lifestyle OOD" continues to be the only liscenced and authorised representative of the brand and a participant in these initiatives.