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Samsonite Bulgaria supported the great initiative: the Internati

The future belongs to the young, that is why we Samsonite Bulgaria supported the ambitious and talanted young people hoping to find bright future in their home country. The copmetition CodeIT was established during the year of 2000 by the IT company MUSALA SOFT as an international competition, today it reaches vast scales and gathers many from all over the world. Thus, CodeIT has turned in the oldest international competition for informatics and coding in the World, which gets organised every year.

On the 5th of June(Monday) was the final, official ceremony of awards at the competition CodeIT 2016-2017 under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev. The final of the competition was led in WTC Interpred, the ceremony of the awards was carried out in Sofia Tech Park (София Тех Парк), where participation tool many companies amongs which was "A.T.G. Lifestyle", official and authorised representative of Samsonite and the brands American Tourister and High Siera.

After the competition in couple of rounds, for a winner of the event was Aleksandar Georgiev from Sofia, Principal Software Engineer в Skyscanner. Second place took Ivaylo Strandgiev from Sofia, Machine Learning Engineer в HyperScience. Third place, from 12, took Martin Kopchev from Gabrovo, a student in 7th grade from High School "Prof. Ivan Guzelev". Everyone of them received presents - the backpack from "A.T.G. Lifestyle" OOD. The prizes were handed by Svetlomir Pandazhiev, a commercial director of Samsonite. 

*on the picture: Svetlomir Pandazhiev, Elena Marinova

We are extremely impressed by the motivation and culture of the young and future IT specialists of Bulgria. One of the participants, Martin Kopchev, only 7th grade, was allowed to enter the category of the team with the higher age category. We have given him a prize: a backpack for his third place from the competition and we wished him success! 

A lead of the event was Elena Marinova. ​The president of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev also shared his thoughts in written version:

"Comparable with the most prestige programming tournaments in the world, CodeIT invariably keeps the interests of the IT community via all the challenges towards the competitors and their boldness of their solutions". 

​We thank Musala Soft for the invitation for partnership! With great pleasure we took part in the this year's edition of CodedIT 2016-2017. We hope that we will have the same opportunity to become part of these initiatives and will support the young, smart and talanted in Bulgaria! We thank for the shared joy!

*on the picture: Aleksander Georgiev
Organizer of the private, competitive competition in informatics and programming is the sotware company Musala Soft. The competition takes place every year in 6 online rounds and the final round of the competition includes participants - company partnerships, non-governmental orgnaisatoins, IT Associations and leading educational institutions in Bulgaria.