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Samsonite's history 1990 - 2000

1990: Samsonite continues to search a way to new markets while surprising the travelers every time with new technologic achievements in the manufacturing of suitcases, travel bags and accessories.
1991: Samsonite steps into the bulgarian market via the commercial company "A.T.G. Lifestyle" OOD. Year of 1991: Samsonite steps on the Bulgarian market through the commercial company "A.T.G Lifestyle" OOD. The first shop which offers Samsonite's accessories opens as the type of a stand at the TZUM (Central Department Store) back then and creates a fuss among the consumers. For the first time the bulgarian person hears about the system "Upside down" - that type of a suitcase cannot be opened when being upside down, meaning when the logo of the suitcase is with reversed label; a suitcase amphibious, which can serve as a life belt; an alarm against thieves for diplomatic suitcases and the advert during the period presents a prussian in the jungle who "pushesh" a suitcase in the mouth of a crocodile and saves himself.
1993: New collection of suitcases for the women.
1997: The brand presents it's first spinner - suitcase on 4 wheels with which the mobility is way easier. The term comes from the english word 'SPIN' - meaning "spinning".