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Rolling tote

Collection: GUARDIT 2.0 SKU: CM5.09.008
GuardIT 2.0 reinvents the core functionality of personal mobility with a brand new design, combining the convenience of an everyday laptop-carrying bag with an even sleeker and professional look.    ..
311.00 лв.
Collection: Lite-Cube DLX SKU: 82V.28.001
A new luxury version of Samsonite’s classic, Lite-Cube. A rich, deluxe suitcase has been achieved through the use of sophisticated leather together with stitching details and a premium colour palette: metallized aluminium Curv with ‘toffee’ colour accents for a classic elegant look, and a black on b..
1,015.00 лв.
Collection: Pro-Dlx 5 SKU: CG7.09.014
PRO-DLX 5: made to resist the everyday business life. The new generation is Samsonite's most popular business collection. The new collection of the most popular business collection is now even lighter with more functions of his predecessor. We optimize the organisation and security, as well as th..
733.00 лв.
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