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Sequel of fashion trends spring/summer 2017. What kind of suitca

If in the last article we have focused on the different and current color combinations, then here we continue with 3 more fashion trends for the year of 2017.
1. The fashion of the volumeness is back! During the year of the 70s of the last century leaves it's imprint this year as well. During the year of 2017 you will notice that the square shoulders are back in fashion.

​Everyone has been tempted to wear his mom's clothes with the sewn paddings, which cut out the body and gives it a different look and somehow other symmetry. Symmetry or in other words the fashion of the hypertrophied lines. Well, this fashion has turned up firstly during the 30s and 20s of the last century and as we can all see it is repeating again! For everyone, who love the interesting, official, business clothing this year you will have the freedom to act! To this beautiful wave of Samsonite ​you also apply some exclusive options for combnations: style and quality in one. 

Uplite is one of the most convenient friend and accessory for this style and type of outfit. The slightly square and bulky form reminds of the square shoulders themselves and the clean appereance and quality treatement of the prodcts, which makes this suitcase much more suitable for your roadtrips. Equipped with a side pocket for keeping your documetns close, so that you won't need to scrounge for them, this is a perfect option when you are infront of the board inspection. This suitcase is perfect for roadtrips, because it is light, compact and on a accessible price. Of course, you can always combine some suitcase series from the last article!

​We would have wanted to take the advantage and to recommend the unique X’ion2 suitcase 50 cm. Although the small size, this model is on it's own a perfect choice. It is more than enough to keep everything you need, which you carry during your business trips. Starting from a protective pocket to keep your 14" laptop with a case for it and mesh pockets and tyrants for keeping your belongings safe and tight. More words are not necessary!

2. This summer a favourite outfit for many are the union suits! As well as the blue color and his exotic nuances.

​In combination, these two modern tendencies for 2017 will be more than a hit and impressive. You can reach courageous, blue heights ​with this modern tendency in combination with the blue union suits and suitcases from Samsonite! Because the blue looks as no other color!

Here we will allow ourselves to give you as many offers when we start:

Skydro is the suitcase, who amazes. The non-standart series amongs the others, these are suitcases, made out of the strong material Polycarbonate.

The surface is more resistent on scratches, because of the so called dimaond type covarage. There is an internal divider pad and many pockets for keeping your belongings. Suitable for every type of travel and cloting style which includes the color blue. Imagine this suitcase next to you... Bingo?

Lets break the dark blue frames and lets offer something as stylish and resistent, but for some ... a bit more fresh.

​Sea, wind and the sky - is that what is calling you?  Grab the sky blue suitcase and fly to the next destination. Sturdy, the suitcase Flux is a sympathetic option, suitcable for keeping your luggage, including internal pocket and divider pads with the help of which you can sort out your luggage. Is it needed to mention that the Flux series has the ability to expand? Yes, this sky blue suitcase awaits you! It would be a good combination with the blue union suit and floral motives.

​For those of you who like the smooth surfaces and hardside and resistent shells we will offer something in combination between these two suitcases: the series Spink Trunk ! With a deep blue color, which is the reason for the stylish look of the suitcase and unique accent to your look when you are on the road!

If you are fans of the softside series, then you can have a look of everything right here.​

3. Nude минимализмът или завръщането на бежовия, телесен цвят е дръзко решение за постигане на моден баланс между всички тенденции през 2017-та година.

Снимка: Marissa Webb, DKNY, Dion Lee

Снимка: Dolce & Gabbana runaway

The beige color is exceptionally delicate and gentle. It would leave every customer content and every taste precisely for it's simplicity and at the same time elegance. If you do not like the multi-colored fashion trends, that is the style for you. As always, for everyone there is someting. Our offers for this fashion line of beige, body color will inspire you with their perfect symbiosis between nude minimalism and the series of Samsonite suitcases.

Hommage club is our favorite amongs the suitcases for spring/summer 2017. How can you not be addicted since the high quality of handcraft and it's interior and exterior details are more than what you would imagine. Simple outside and extremely functional on the inside, this suitcase is simply a bijou. The fine details from real leather give the suitcase charm and the identity of the line, accessible in beige and brown!

Lite-shock  is a great line suitcases, made out of the revolutionary Curv® material, light and durable on pressure and loading. The bright lines give the suitcase even more dynamics and hint the unique design which absorb the hits. Inside you can keep your luggage with the help of the indernal divider pad. Fill in the simple, but bold style with the dynamic Lite-shock!

Това са нашите предложения за 2017! Желаем вълнуващо и неповторимо Лято!​