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Samsonite's Ambassador 2018

  For a third year in a row <> and Radio Fresh organise together an event for emblematic game <>, in which's game thre will be nominated an ambassador for the brand of Bulgaria for the year of 2016. Enter the game and win one prize of the four weeks's prizes.  Fill in your details and upload a picture or a vidoe of the presonality which you nominate for <> and you justify your nomination with a short text. The game will be executed during the period of 28.03.2016 until 24.04.2016, where at 23:00 on the same day of the 24.004.2016 the nomination will be stopped. Drawing the winners will be done on Thursday on: 31, 7, 14 and 21 of Aapril during the radio show of radio Fresh: The Blond's show. On the 25.04.2016 the leads of the radio show will announce the new Ambassador of Samsonite Bulgara for the year of 2016. The winner will receive a set of Samsonite's suitcasaes for Bulgaria for the year of 2016.