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Fashion trends 2017 or what kind of suitcase to choose?

Spring/summer fashion trends 2017 ​are colorful and diverse. Yes, absolutely right are these definitions and this year again the colorful combinations are a top trend. Main colors this year are: green, black and yellow and their shades, of course. Lets not forget the rich pink color, because for sure there are many lovers of the color especially during summer.

Снимка: Tibi, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo   Снимка: Valentino, Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta
Picture: Tibi, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo ; Снимка: Valentino, Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta

There something for everyone! That way even Samsonite gives in to the modern during the year. With the rich diversity of colors and styles we will present functional suitcases from high class, which you can combine with the leading modern tendencies.

In dependance of your style you can find many and different suitcases Samsonite. As part of our hardside collections Neopulse is a secure choice of the most capricious among you. Different range of colors allow you to combine your outfit with black, white or red colored suitcase Neopulse. How well would have this accessory fit in with your yellow outfit? Amazing, right? The suitcase is with polycarbonate, shiny cover and resistent to scratches. You are going to walk with ease to every destination, because this material except resistent is also extremely light. For 75 cm. suitcase he weights the amazing 3,2 kg. Thanks to the shape you can fit in a big volume of luggage.

For one who want something much more different as a style and design we offer the line Base-Hits. Many colorful combinations amongst which you can choose from are the purple, pink, balck and others. These are suitcases from the series of "Softside suitcases", which are elegant, fresh and on a smart price. If you have a rich imagination you could create an amazing mix from the most modern colors for the year of 2017.

Picture: Michael Kors, Moschino, Prada

The trenchkot mania ​or also known as: The mania for the beige raincoats is back! The lovers of the elegant design can pay attention, because this year the models will be different and flexible. The main components are asymmetry and the beige color. The belts and the way the buttons are put differently contribute for the interesting designs of the coats. One can also see difference in the length and waist, so choose wisely. For this fashion line the perfect additions would be the suitcases from SPARK SNG in black, red and petroleum blue,

and the line B-LITE - elegant and Samsonite's lightest line, which would be an excellent hit for those of you, who prefer the darker beige in combination with a smart (simple) business look. The Walnut color of the suitcase can tune in perfectly with your raincoat and thus you have a room to improvise with more color combinations when it comes to your full business look.

Picture: Rosie Assoulin, Delpozo, Opening Ceremony​
The print stripes are extremely modern. This year there are extremely modern again. They are not always symmetrically aligned, but some designers prefer the one colored stripes in combination with translucent types of matters. These types of clothes will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but it will keep you cool in the hot, summer, days and nights. The summer will be unforgettable with it's fresh models as these. You can shine bright on the piazza San Marco in Rome or to have a walk with your new stripes around Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid? The choice for travel is all Yours! But for this you will need a suitable suitcase. Startfire is not only suitable for the fashion line, but it is extremely resistant with it's 100% Makrilon, polycarbonate coverage,
which is resistent to scratches.
The details of this suitcase makes it shiny, stylish and suitable for different outfits for other events which will be happening. And on top of all, the excetional suitcase with it's many advantages is on an extremely good price. Of course, ther ourfits are on stripes and can be many and different and the style different as well, that is why this type of outfit is different and nothing strange to combine your outfit with the suitcases offered we have shown.

​To be continued... in part 2.