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Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX

No matter if you are flying to Bristol or Budapest, Samsonite Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX collections will satisfy every requirement you have!

​As a traveller, you must make choices all the time. The seat next to the window or the one next to the pathway? Economy or Business class? Check-in or big luggage? Style or sustainability?

​We can't help when it comes to the major part of your choices, but we can offer some advices when it comes to the choice between an elegant and resistant suitcase. Do not choose!

​We believe that you do no have to choose between the external look and quality when it comes down to suitcases. Why? Because, acknowledge that the resistant and healthy spinners are not those, which you prefer to see on the transport lane, but the opposite, the ones that are recognizable, stylish and beautiful. Often these kind of suitcases are falling apart after loading and unloading them on the airports. After some time of travel around the airplanes, the ribbons and padlocks just stop working, the telescopic handles break and the zippers are stuck. And suitcase that once looked as an elegant spinner now do not function, which is a tactic with which the manufacturers deviate your attention from the low qulity suitcase.

​Well, now everything is fixed! Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX will save you some points from that big list when you need to make a choice. With Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX you will never have to make any compromises with the comfort of your Travel.

​Re-new your wardrobe

​The classical collections of Samsonite Lite-Cube and it's luxoious version Lite-Cube DLX are available in diversity of colors from dark olive to electrically blue, they make your travel more stable and easy. With it's leather accents and fine curves and decorative stitches, these suitcases are sophisticated and will change your wardrobe.

​Made out of extremely durable and at the same time lightweighted Curv material, the collection offers spinners with maximum strength and really lightweight models in sizes no less thana 4. 

​And if you like the elegant exterior you will be amazed by their internal organiser. Lite-Cube, for example, are equipped with soft touch ribbons type "X", which will help you store your clothes without crumbing them, Lite-Cube DLX can brag with a mobile case for costumes and shirts, additional cases for shoes and dirty laundry.