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Key rings

Collection: PRO-DLX 6 SLG SKU: KK3.09.528
Our core leather goods collection got a facelift and is more stylish than ever. We kept its bold and masculine design, added a new logo plate and created several new and trendy models. The PRO-DLX 6 wallets, all offering RFID protection, are ready to stay by your side...
68.00 лв.
Collection: Flagged SLG SKU: KH4.09.528
Flagged SLG is our young and creative leather goods line. Offering wallets with a colored detail on the outside and lining, this collection will add a fun touch to your everyday uniform...
50.00 лв.
Collection: FLAGGED 2.0 SLG SKU: KM7.09.528
FLAGGED 2.0 SLG K RING 2R Oxford Blue
Our FLAGGED 2.0 SLG line has been updated and its exterior look is now more minimalistic and modern. The distinctive colour detail is now more subtle and still matches the coloured lining on the inside of the wallet.„ RFID protectionColoured detail on the outside and dedicated colored fabric liningT..
57.00 лв.
Collection: Attack 2 SLG SKU: CT8.09.507
Attack 2 Slg Ключодържател от естествена кожа Черен цвят
Attack 2 Slg Ключодържател от естествена кожа Кафяво Абанос
елегантен ключодържател с който ключовете Ви ще бъдат лесно достъпни и винаги добре организирани..
68.00 лв.
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