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Keith Haring collection

Samsonite gathered the emblematic works of the internationally well known painter Keith Harin, so that they create a funny and colorful series of travel accessories.
For a pioneer of the street art, in the beginning of the 80s, Keith Haring has been thought to be the one also spreading the movement. He is also the reason why his art works are extremely recognizable with his thickened, fast and rhythimc lines and colorful figures. Haring finds the blossoming alternative community connected with the arts, which develops outside the museums and galeries, but on the center, streets and undergrounds, as well as clubs. In period of 9 years (1980-1989) Haring receives an international recognition and he also succeeds in making more than 50 public art works in tens of cities around the world many of which are made for charity organisations. For the ones, who love to travel and easy recognise their luggage would be the Samsonite's collection "Keith Harings graffiti print", introduced  by travel accessories: pillow, padlocks; lalbels for name and address; ribbons for luggage; backpacks; duffles and bags.