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„A.T.G. LIFESTYLE“ OOD is a commercial company, that has started action in the distant 1990s. During 1991 „A.T.G. LIFESTYLE“ OOD becomes an authorised, official distributor of the international brand Samsonite on the Bulgarian territory. Back then, the first shop opens in the form of a stand at "TZUM" and creates a fuss around it. For the first time, the bulgarian citizen has been introduced to "upside - down" systems - the type of a suitcase that cannot be open upside down, a.k.a the logo should not be turned over; amphibian suitcase, which can be used as a life preserver; an alarm against thieves at the same time the TV commercials show a crusher in the jungle saving himself while "stuffing" a SAMSONITE suitcase in an alligator's mouth. 

Now, more than 24 years later, „A.T.G. LIFESTYLE“ OOD continues to be the only authorised distributor of the brand and disposes their own shops. The company also has a distribution chain of stores at more than 30 different spots around the country. We have our own stores in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas.

The administrative part, warehouses and repair home, along with the showroom are 1500 square meters and are located at bul. Kliment Ohridski 150 in Sofia.

Contacts of SAMSONITE: +359 2 962 40 55; +359 89 688 84 94 Monday to Friday 8.30 - 17.30.

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