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TSA code lock

TSA code lock we call a lock that has the function for borderline check-up.
​This highly necessary accessory has been after the terrorist attacks in the year of 2001. As a result of the cooperation of the border lines, the American association of safety of the transport (TSA) and all big maanufacturers of suitcases and bags.
​The main purpose of the TSA lock when needed the luggage to be checked is without being broken. The contemporary and safe TSA lock works in a marvelous and comfortable way for all. Lock your suitcase with your personal code and when there's a need to be checked by the border lines security they can do that and unlock your suitcase with a special master key that only they have. That way they will not break your suitcase. The suitcase which have TSA are marked with a red diamond and on the keys they have a key vent. If you now have the product with the keylock function TSA and you do not have a key with it, do not hurry to panic. The master key is only in possession of the authorities for safety purposes.
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