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Expedition "Winter China" with Velin Paskov

The project was part of the campaign which aimed to present the unique nature and spirit of this huge country. The project was part of the campaign connected to Beijing becoming a host of the 2022 Olympic games supported by the Institute of Confucii - Veliko Tarnovo and their univesity partner from Uhan town under the patronage of Radio China when Abroad.
​With a significant interest the first official exhibition passed, introduced first and formost by Grand Mall Varna and a future one in Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Sofia. In the weeks of our visit in China at their New  Year's, the author of the project Mr. Paskov introduced their point of view and some of the most beautiful places as the most cold and northern town - Harbin, located on the two sides of the river Sinhua with their "virgin", mountain sections from the Great Wall of China, which are far away from the classical tourist routes, the mountain Dganzadziavie - which inspired the creation of the "hanging mountiains" from the film "Avatar". The photo exhibition was organised by Velin Paskov and Maria Paskova. They captured the photos at extremely low temperature. The temperatures during the day did not exceed - 15 degrees and during the nights were - 30 degrees.