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Disney by Samsonite meets Olaf

Some collections can melt you down!
​Olaf is now part of the growing family Ultimate by Disney, Samsonite. For sure, it will steal the heart of every kid.

​Frozen is the most successful animated film of all times, which tells the story of the fearless princess Ana, which goes to an epic adventure together with the snowman Olaf in order to find her sister Elza, who's magical power immersed her kingdom in eternal winter.

​Dinsey by Samsonite brings the adventure of a lifetime along with the perfect collection of Olaf Ultimate. The beautiful 3D forms and the typical carrot nose of Olaf will provoke every kids imagination. From suitcase, backpack to pencil case. Whatever the kids choose they will leave a remarcable impression in the kinder garden, or on the next adventure with mom and dad... or when grand mom sees the cute ones!