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Cookies policy do cookies actually represent?
"Cookies" are text based computer data material. They are stored within the browser (browser examples: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safar) of the user and help him use the web content. The gathered data allows identification of the device the person is using. "Cookies" also help the webpage to act properly according to the user's individual preferences. "Cookies" usually contain website's name (online store), the amount of time spent and the unique digital device number.

How do we use "Cookies"?
We use "Cookies" in order to adapt the content of the pages to the personal user's preferences and optimise the website's consumption of information. At the same time, cookies are being used in order to create an anonymous statistics (concerning the consumer's attitude in the online store) aiminig to optimise it's structure, it's content and it's functionalilty and quality of speed.

What kind of "Cookies" are we using?
There are two types of "Cookies" which exist - "session" and "fixed". The first type of "cookies" are temporary files, which are on your device until you exit the online store or deactivate the software thanks to which you are viewing the web pages (web browser). Fixed files are "cookies" which are stored on your device until the time period shown in the parameters or until they have been removed personally.

"Cookies" and your personal data
Personal data gathered by the "cookies" can be used only for the implementation of specific functions of the online store connected to the actual consumer.

Deleting "Cookies".
The standart software (browser) set by default allows implementation of the "Cookies". These settings can be changed in order to block the automative use of "cookies" in the browser. Otherwise, the browser informs you every time when a "cookie" has been attached to the user's device. Bare in mind, that restricting the use of "cookies" can affect some functionalities, which the online store present to the consumer.

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