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Black toilet bag X'Blade

Black toilet bag  X'Blade
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Black toilet bag X'Blade
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Color Black
Material Polyester
Size 32сm (width) х 28сm (height) х 17,5сm (depth)
Volume (l) 14
Гаранция 6 months warranty
  • ?cosmetic bag type "lily";
  • ?with included mirror;
  • Smart sleeve™ with velcro strap to secure this bag to your luggage, for effortless business trips.;
  • ?1 front and 1 bacjc pocket for easy access;
  • ?adjustable long handle;
  • zipper pullers.
Our X'Blade collection carries a long and storied heritage within Samsonite and has remained a true classic since its introduction. With its wide range of models and extensive features, X'Blade 3.0 is all about inclusivity, displaying immediately recognisable features and design aesthetics that include bespoke X-shaped hardware accents and efficient packing organisation. While staying true to its core values of strength and protection, the new X'Blade 3.0 now offers more volume and packing capacity than ever before with surprising less weight.

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