"I appologize, I cannot come to your birthday, because I am going to a business trip, I need to fly to Serville".
If this is your answer to a birthday invite, then 80% of people's reactions would be like:
​ "Waw, so exciting! Someone is paying you to travel, this is amazing! Have fun, I want pictures!".

​Despite this, people who are travelling on business trips clearly know, that it is not so exciting. Business trips can be tiring. Full airplanes, long jams, waiting rooms... and delays do not help you rest mentally. What can you do about it? Turn the boring business trip into an awarding experience next time!

​Read Samsonite's advices how to combine work and pleasure in a more effective way:

1.      Travel in a maximum comfort with the correctly chosen suitcase

There is not anything worse than travelling with a too heavy suitcase which is not comfortable to carry aroud. Invest in quality and light suitcases with double wheels and smooth sliding. If your business trip is only a couple of days, then try to re-arrange your luggage in order to fit into a cabin size one. Thus, you will have everything you need on the airplane next to you during the whole time of the flight. That way there is a less chance of loosing somethinig and you save time: no checkin, no waiting for your lugaggage etc... And hopping from town to town that way is so easy!

2.      Enjoy your free time.

Despite that more of the airline offer Wi-Fi on the airplane boar, happily, more airplanes are keep their restrictions of using phones on the aiplane except when the phone is on an "airplane mode". ​Except that when being on "airplane mode" you are undetectable, there is no one who can disturb you. Enjoy the lack of signal and relax: sleep a little, read a book or listen to your favourite music. You hae the best excuse to be offline! Absorb the maximum of it!

3.      Plan a day for yourself - "Me day"!

More and more business travels pass by with landing at point A and flying back from point B back home without even having the time to turn your head aside and look around. Here are top 3 ​activities which include: sightseeing ​of some of the special places of your location, dining and local adventure. If you do not have the time to plan even this, the hotels offer interesting options and the people there know secret and pleasant places, hidden from the tourists. So, use the chance to create memorable business trips.

4.      Не забравяйте спортните си принадлежности.

It is way easier to find time for a workout outside your daily routine. Imagine jogging early in the morning around an unknown city. Or for all of you, who love sleeping in - a swim in the hotel's swimming pool after a long, hard day of meetings here and there is also a good idea to relax. Do not forget to take your swim suits, sneakers and sports equipement! 

5.      Jump into the local atmosphere.


For sure, you can stay at the hotel and order a room service.But why? Why not taking advantage of what is being offered? Check before hand which restaurants are in reach of your hotel and which deserve your time. There isn't anything more exciting than finding new "places". ​You feel uncomfotable to be alone on the table? Bring along a book with you or sit at the bar: the bartenders are always smiling and open to you... it is also a good option for creating and atmosphere for new meetings.