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28.03 Градският Живот с Cosmolite! Празнуваме вече 10 години!
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  Избирането на куфар за пътуване е едно от най-сладките, но важни моменти за успешното и най-вече спокойно преминаване от точка А до ................ точка Б. Нека го погледнем от тази страна, това е Вашият живот, който пренасяте в куфар. Разбира се, той трябва да е удобен, издръжлив, а какво ще кажете за стилен и красив? Марката Samsonite предлаг..
14.08 New colorful school backpacks Samsonite. Friendly for your children's back.
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To the attention of all mum and dads, this year we from А.T.G. Lifestyle have prepared again a rich and very colorful assortment of school backpacks Samsonite for your little ones! Disney's series with Mikey and Minnie are back again! The mise and their friends expect to be taken by the hand and off to the classroom! Lets mention the new additio..
26.07 Sequel of fashion trends spring/summer 2017. What kind of suitcase to choose.
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If in the last article we have focused on the different and current color combinations, then here we continue with 3 more fashion trends for the year of 2017.   ​1. The fashion of the volumeness is back! During the year of the 70s of the last century leaves it's imprint this year as well. During the year of 2017 you will notice that the square sho..
26.05 Fashion trends 2017 or what kind of suitcase to choose?
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Spring/summer fashion trends 2017 ​are colorful and diverse. Yes, absolutely right are these definitions and this year again the colorful combinations are a top trend. Main colors this year are: green, black and yellow and their shades, of course. Lets not forget the rich pink color, because for sure there are many lovers of the color especially du..
30.11 Победа след седмицата на модата в Лондон
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​With the international Catwalk competition, which took place in London, Samsonite gave an opportunity to young students comming from leading universcities for design to show their fashion collections. The best one recieves a prize of £ 1,000​ and the opportunity to design a series for Cosmolite Limited Edition for Samsonite. Chou Yun Ting capture..
24.10 Keith Haring collection
Samsonite gathered the emblematic works of the internationally well known painter Keith Harin, so that they create a funny and colorful series of travel accessories. For a pioneer of the street art, in the beginning of the 80s, Keith Haring has been thought to be the one also spreading the movement. He is also the reason why his art works are extre..
16.10 Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX
No matter if you are flying to Bristol or Budapest, Samsonite Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX collections will satisfy every requirement you have! ​As a traveller, you must make choices all the time. The seat next to the window or the one next to the pathway? Economy or Business class? Check-in or big luggage? Style or sustainability? ​We can't help ..
15.10 Disney by Samsonite meets Olaf
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Some collections can melt you down! ​Olaf is now part of the growing family Ultimate by Disney, Samsonite. For sure, it will steal the heart of every kid. ​Frozen is the most successful animated film of all times, which tells the story of the fearless princess Ana, which goes to an epic adventure together with the snowman Olaf in order to find her..
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