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21.11 40 летищни трика, които трябва да знаете
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Нека бъдем искрени, често най-лошата част от пътуването е именно разправите за багаж на летищата. Дълги опашки, допълнително чекиране и такси към тях, закъснели полети, загубен багаж... Докато се опитваме да оцелеем по летищата, те могат да ни отнемат радостта от пътуването поне за момент. Ето защо споделяме нашите тайни „от кухнята“, за да може пр..
14.08 New colorful school backpacks Samsonite. Friendly for your children's back.
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To the attention of all mum and dads, this year we from А.T.G. Lifestyle have prepared again a rich and very colorful assortment of school backpacks Samsonite for your little ones! Disney's series with Mikey and Minnie are back again! The mise and their friends expect to be taken by the hand and off to the classroom! Lets mention the new additio..
26.07 Sequel of fashion trends spring/summer 2017. What kind of suitcase to choose.
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If in the last article we have focused on the different and current color combinations, then here we continue with 3 more fashion trends for the year of 2017.   ​1. The fashion of the volumeness is back! During the year of the 70s of the last century leaves it's imprint this year as well. During the year of 2017 you will notice that the square sho..
20.06 The Wi-Fi passwrods of the airports around the World
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Are you travelling around the World? Are chaning airplane from airplane and from airport to airport? Do you need a regular connection to the Internet and regular communication? When living in the digital world, it would be a real nightmare, if you miss a flight or there has been a delay of one and you do not have an Internet connection. How to wri..
13.06 Samsonite Bulgaria supported the great initiative: the International IT competition CodeIT
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The future belongs to the young, that is why we Samsonite Bulgaria supported the ambitious and talanted young people hoping to find bright future in their home country. The copmetition CodeIT was established during the year of 2000 by the IT company MUSALA SOFT as an international competition, today it reaches vast scales and gathers many from all ..
26.05 Fashion trends 2017 or what kind of suitcase to choose?
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Spring/summer fashion trends 2017 ​are colorful and diverse. Yes, absolutely right are these definitions and this year again the colorful combinations are a top trend. Main colors this year are: green, black and yellow and their shades, of course. Lets not forget the rich pink color, because for sure there are many lovers of the color especially du..
15.05 5 tricks thanks to which you can turn your business trips into an interesting and exciting experiences
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"I appologize, I cannot come to your birthday, because I am going to a business trip, I need to fly to Serville". If this is your answer to a birthday invite, then 80% of people's reactions would be like:   ​ "Waw, so exciting! Someone is paying you to travel, this is amazing! Have fun, I want pictures!". ​Despite this, people who are travellin..
11.05 Top landmarks in Bulgaria. Where to travel during the weekend when in Bulgaria.
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05.05 Samsonite took part in the award ceremony of the competition
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Samsonite will support the 2017 initiatives and will present the awards at the end of April during the forum "The good eastern of Sofia example". „Workshop for news reporters 2017”  organised by Espresso Media is happening for the second time! ​This year the competition started on the 27th of February with the slogan "Tell Us about your Bulgaria..
24.03 Why does the perfect trip start with well selected suitcase?
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More travellers do not know that according to the different airlines the hand luggage (check-in) has specific requirements when it comes to sizes. Do not let similar mashup ruin your roadtrip. There is an easy way to make sure that your suitcasae will not cause problems when going through security check. Here's how... Scenario: Last year you pl..
20.03 7 reasons why you should travel
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"Traveling is fatal for the prejudices, fanathism and narrowed worldviews", Mark Twain has said.  Many people think that spending money for material possessions makes them 1000 times happier and for longer than travelling or attending a live concert. Dr. Thoas Gilovich, a Psychology professor at the Cornell University, has studied the question abo..
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