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AmericanKids Backpack “Spiketus-Rex Pint Colors Abracadabra”

AmericanKids Backpack “Spiketus-Rex Pint Colors Abracadabra”
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AmericanKids Backpack “Spiketus-Rex Pint Colors Abracadabra”
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  • Collection: MadPax
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Color Black
Material 100% polyurethane
Size 19 см (width) x 26 см (height) х 10 см (depth)
Volume (l) 5
And now, let’s talk about the little roomy monsters that will delight carefree kids at the age of 2 years, and at the same time solve the problem of parents with custody of all the little things, such as a spare T-shirt with your favorite cartoon characters, pencils and other small, but no less necessary personal belongings for kids. Small dinosaur is on the way! Backpack-mini by MadPax has one spacious compartment with zipper, length of the straps can be easily adjusted. This pack size is suitable for children from 2 to 4 years.
MadPax Appearance of this accessory brand has blown up the fashion world! MadPax rucksacks have been really designed for unordinary personalities. If you want you or your child stand out from a crowd, if you are concerned about highlighting your active attitude to life – this brand is for you! MadPax rucksacks suit both children and adults. The MadPax collection comprises rucksacks with spikes, bubbles, or fancy tetris-like tracks.
These unique things are produced using the most state-of-the-art polymer materials. You may rest assured that the quality of our products is strictly tested, and spikes and bubbles are soft.