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7 reasons why you should travel

"Traveling is fatal for the prejudices, fanathism and narrowed worldviews", Mark Twain has said. 

Many people think that spending money for material possessions makes them 1000 times happier and for longer than travelling or attending a live concert. Dr. Thoas Gilovich, a Psychology professor at the Cornell University, has studied the question about the dependance between money and happiness. His conclusions when it comes to the question are based on more than 20 years of research. Dr. Gilovich says that this theory of dependence is completely wrong: "One of Happinesse's enemies is adaptation itself. We buy things in order to make us happy and we succeed in this. But only for a while. The new purchases are inspiring and thrilling in the beginning, but after that we get used to them." Look at the new iPhone for example: the moment you buy it it's... COMPLETE HAPPINESS! The first days you use it - special feeling! But not for long you get used to it. It overflows with the background of your daily life and it becomes your normal life. The pleasure diminishes, because he has always been there - in your bag or pocket. But it is different when you travel, says Dr. Gilovich: "Experiences as travelling or attending a concert are very important and are once in a lifetime experience. They become in an inseparatable part of our identity and take e bigger part of our lives than the material possessions. The experiences stay in our hearts and minds forever."
Since the science has proven it ,we agree that we need to travel more! Because, it makes us HAPPY. ​But that is not the only thing, which travelling gives us. There are et least 6 more reasons why you should mark the travel dates in your calendar:

1. Travellilng gives us more opportunities to break away from our daily life.
When you are not around your ordinary surroundings it is tipical to forget about your daily cares. This helps to address your issues in perspective. The stress from overthinking dissapears along with that busy schedule. And when you come back home after a thrilling travel you feel fresh and happy and with great pleasure you come back to the usual and well known routine. Travelling is one of the most effective ways for intellectual and emotional refinement.

2.You meet new and exciting people and you upgrade your social/communicational skills. 
While travelling, you meet new and different people from different places. Not only that it is funny and interesting, but it is a way to create new contacts and explore more realisticly the world around you.

3. Get to know other cultures.
Everywhere around the World different cultures exist. There is not anything more interesting or exciting from meeting new cultures and communicating with other nationalities. Some places have more modern culture and lifestyle, while others more traditional or outdated as some might say. But it is important to point out that the reach to different cultures can be enrichinig and educational experience with which to start respecting them and their way of life more.

4.Detoxicating from social media.
Yes, we all love the social media. But she is not always that beneficial and healthy. Everyone needs to rest. Today, because of the Wi-Fi existance, we are always connected to the social media or the net and there is specific amount of information which we can abosrb. So, if you are finding yourself at a magnificant place in the nature, you would not want to check you Facebook or Tweet about the weather outside. You should be there, devoted to every minute, every fresh breath you take and just becoming one with the atmosphere around you. So, turn off that phone. Even better, find a hotel which does not offer a Wi-Fi services. That way you won't even have to make a decision. You will see that it is extremely refreshing and it would allow you to live your "here and now". For sure the deprevation from this "bonus" would also affect your price!

5.You receive a dose of Happiness.
The serotonin is the hormone of happiness which we all know and it makes us to feel happy, calm and focused. The Sun and warmth put us in an extremely well and better personal condition, so that a break on the beach is the best way to relax and to enjoy a healthy benefits of warmth and a sunshine climate! So, let's be honest: the healthy shine and smile on your face will make you feel way better, even if this feeling lasts only some weeks after a longtrip.

6.You get some "Me" time!
After a busy daily life, in which we live, we have the habit to forget for ourselves and our personal needs, the people around us, because we just do not have time. Traveling gives us space to breathe, helps us to relax. At the end you get time for yourself, while recharging your own "bateries". One vacation can really play a key role in bonding with your other half or with the family and friends.

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