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10 things to do on rainy days

We all do not like the rain, especially when we are waiting for the Spring. What about the kids? You know then, how hard it is to have fun and distract them when the playground infront of your home is wet and outside is still raining. There are many ways with which you can create the rainy day - an interesting and memorable day to your children, friends or family. And no, the do not include computer games! Here are 10 things Samsonite offers to do on a rainy day!


Enjoy the day!

Wrap around raincoats and put on those rubber boots you almost never wear and dive in to an exciting adventure of a refreshing walk! Think of a final destination, because if not you, then the kids need one: it is not important what is the weather outside to them. That is why, it should not be for you as well! Take a deep breath, make some crazy pictures and set a mission to collect 5 interesting things during the walk! It is not only for the kids, it is for you and your friends! When the walk ends make one hot chocolate at home, fire some candles and create a comfy atmosphere after the long and interesting day outside! Take the kids into your arms and enjoy the cozy night.

Art is always an option!

​The word "museum" can sound as one of the most boring ones, but not anymore! Todays museums are brilliant option for occupation during a rainy day. The naature science museum is one suitable place with which you can start with. You recover some interesting facts from the world around you and often it is allowed to touch and experiment while reading the initeresting information for animals, nature or the human himself... If not, then be sure that there will be other cultural events, which will enrich you and make you feel satisfied and happy.

Play an old boarding game or game of cards!​

​What you and all children like is to be one and spend your time the way which bonds you and makes you have fun... without any aims or need of plans. Board games and card games can make you have fun and also help you develop your social skills in a team. By some board games you can also learn a lot of interesting facts and accumulate knowledge the easy way. So, think how nice it would be to visit that warm coffee place where so many games are waiting for you. Or, why not play at home?


Movie night at home!

​When it rains everyone grabs their car to the neares cinema - why not? Everybody is already doing it. Instead, pick a legendary film on Netlix, make a lot of popcorn and invite some friends come over. You can surprise them with some sweets: cupcakes, snacks or that well known option - ice cream in a bucket! When sweets are ready and you have taken your comfortable seat - turn off the lights and let us give a good start to the film adventures!

Cаmping in the "wild, unknown nature" ... of your living room.

​When little, every kid has built that well known to all "shelters" or "tents". As before, until now this has been an alltime fashion. Grab some chairs, all of the sheets, blankets around the house, pillows and everything else you find useful for constructing your sheltere. Make sure that inside your tent is comfortable: add the pillows, covers and sleeping bags and whatever else and enjoy the relaxing adventure or picnic in the 'wild nature' !

At a restaurant HOME!

​Turn your kitchen into a restaurant with sous-chefs! Pick different recepies for an easy, tasty and healthy bubrgers and sweets. You can experiment with new ingredients and ideas. Allow yourself to play with the final outcome, which can look extremely interesting and tempting in the end. Let's not forget the beautiful table. Supply yourself with flowers and colorful napkins and learn how to decorate your table. Who knows, you find that someone has a hidden tallent.

Lets swim!

It is raining and it is wet outside, why not go to a place where it is also wet inside? The sports, town swimming pools are likely to be empty during those rainy days. That is why, get the car, gather the team and hit the road to the next swimming pool where you are not only have fun, but play some sports as well. We all know that swimming is one of the healthiest and pleasant way to have fun.

Treasure hunt!

​One more idea for an interesting occupation for old and young is the incitement of curiosity by organising a treasure hunt! Hide a certain object like bag with sweets for the movie night later that night. Meanwhile, write notes and puzzles or just guide notes which you can hide around the house. It would be an impressive star for all, if you hand one map on which you have marked "X" as the first doscovery and let the hunt of the big treasure begin!

It is show time!

​Everyone loves the performances. There are types of people which would enter one! Choose some people or go into pair ot twos (threes ...fours) and put on a deadline in which everyone can use whatever things they find useful in order to prepare a song, dance or sketch or whatever you find useful. After the time runs out, you can raise the curtains and let the show begin!

And last, but not least: Samsonite's game.

​Grab a suitcase with the sizes of a cabin luggage and a pile of clothes (winter or summer ones, does not matter). Aask every one of your company to fold and fit the clothes in the suitcase as musch as possible and as most compact as possible. The one who manages to fold and fit the hoghest number of clothes is the winner! After that, make sure to show them the most effective way of folding clothes - "rolling" type is the most effective way with which you have the chance to fit most of your necessities from the wardrobe.